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We offer outside companies, big or small, the opportunity to showcase their products and services in prime exhibition courts.

These spaces are located for optimum exposure and give visitors an opportunity to experience your business first-hand.

general information

- Exhibitions START on Tuesday and END the following Monday.
- Set up and breakdown will only be allowed between 6pm and 08:30am.
- The height restriction in all exhibition courts is 1.5 metres.
- Flooring is compulsory in all exhibition courts.
- Branding and displaying of exhibition area is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.
- 'NO Pay – NO Display'.
- All exhibitions must be manned by professional personnel.
- No plastic tables, plastic tablecloths or plastic/camping/garden chairs will be allowed as part of an exhibition.
- We recommend office furniture, cocktail tables and chairs.
- Benmore Centre does not provide any exhibition material, carpets or electrical cables.
- Only professional printed signage should be displayed in the exhibition area at all times, stating the name and contact details of the exhibitor.
- Final approval of any exhibition or the standard thereof remains at the discretion of Benmore Centre management.
- Exhibitions may be promoted on the Benmore Centre social media pages.
For more information or to book an exhibition, please contact
Exhibitions Co-ordinator
Jaco Swanepoel - EP Exhibitions

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Monday - Friday
9am - 6pm
9am - 3pm
Sunday & Public Holiday
9am - 2pm

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